Seems some of those Porsche-driving, Malibu-living, bluer than blue liberal Hollywood producers are hoping to embarrass folks living in Red-State America. 

TV has become the breeding ground for so-called “white trash,” the people who populate shows like True Detective, Sons of Anarchy, and even Mad Men.  Don Draper, though living high on the hog in the series, was born to a hooker on the wrong side of the tracks in rural Illinois.

Author Bret Martin, in his book “Difficult Men,” says there was a political ideal at work as Hollywood entered the Third Golden Age.  Martin claims Liberals had to come to terms with George W. Bush in the White House, and began developing shows to mock and embarrass the folks in the rural and suburban areas of red states.

“With Breaking Bad (in New Mexico) and now True Detective (in Texas), there really is a sense of these shows being about people of a much lower economic class,” says pop culture professor Bob Thompson.

Hollywood producers have depicted the kind of people who would vote for a George W. Bush as either sociopaths or psychopaths.

“In many cases these people aren’t rednecks they’re criminals, they’re inbred, they’re idiots and there’s a lot of us who consider ourselves rednecks and we’re not those people,” says KTRH’s Michael Berry.