Now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted of murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin last year, you should expect to see him in court again. However, legal analysts think that the results will wind up being the same as they were in his murder trial.

Even though he was acquitted many people would like the Federal Government to pursue civil rights charges against Zimmerman. But attorney Doug Uloth tells KTRH the Feds may decide against that.

“The evidence really wasn’t suggesting that race was a basis for his action. Unless there is new evidence I would be surprised if they would bring that,” Uloth said.

Uloth doesn’t think civil rights charges would wind up sticking.

“My guess is a prosecutor would choose not to bring charges against him. They’d have to prove that Zimmerman acted with racial bias,” Uloth said.

The Justice Department says it's considering action against Zimmerman. Uloth says you will likely also see a civil suit.

“Given the level of dissatisfaction with the verdict that would be something I would expect,” Uloth said.

Uloth said the Martin family could win that case.

“It would be subject to lower evidentiary standards. It would be comparable to the O.J. Simpson case.

Simpson was acquitted in the stabbing deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in his 1995 trial. However, he was found responsible for their deaths in a civil suit years later.