A high-tech rifle being made in Texas offers uncanny accuracy, but at a pretty high price.  It has a color graphics display, Wi-Fi and plenty of electronic help as you seek out your target. 

Jim Pruett of Pruett Guns and Ammo offers a word of caution to those who might spend a few thousand dollars to buy one.

“The more high-tech it gets,” Pruett warns, “the more things that can go wrong with it, and if you're depending on it, then it could fail you.”

The cost for one will be in the thousands of dollars.  He says he won’t keep a weapon like that in stock.

“They could make guns that could read your fingerprints, but is it going to work on a rainy day, or after you've been eating fried chicken?  I don't know.”

Pruett says if you’re depending on it to save your life, or to take that prized buck you’ve been tracking, it could let you down when you need it most.