A new federal government proposal would have your car report your location, direction and speed at all times to Big Brother.

Nate Cardozo is an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

"It's something about which we're really concerned. Currently, as it stands, the proposed rules don't seem to take enough privacy into account."

The Feds have promised to protect your privacy, but can they be trusted?

"The department of transportation needs to be careful that any of the proposed standards that are out there right now don't enable tracking."

Cardozo says the V2V system, as it's known, will be good for consumers. But he acknowledges if it's possible to track drivers' location, direction and speed the government probably will.

"If it's technically possible some government agency, probably the NSA; maybe the FBI; maybe DHS is going to use that system for tracking."

The system is part of a plan to eventually make cars fully automated.