The University of Texas Board of Regents will be meeting Thursday and could end up firing UT President Bill Powers.

Powers was given an ultimatum last week by Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa, to either resign by the 4th of July or be fired this week.  This development comes after a whistleblower came forward claiming Powers is directly linked to the growing admissions scandal.

The investigation into the admissions policy at UT scrutinized the admission of some students who did not meet school requirements.  Most notably is the admission of students to the UT Law School, who were the children of state legislators.  Those students then graduated and failed to pass the state bar exam three or four times.

The claims of clout abuse are nothing new for Powers who was asked to resign last year by Chancellor Cigarroa, but public outcry kept Powers at his post.

Political Strategist Bill Miller says the Board of Regents really can't fire Powers without facing serious repercussions from the State Legislature, "The legislature told the regents, do nothing whatsoever with Bill Powers' employment until our process is complete."

That process, is the investigation into regent Wallace Hall who is being investigated by a legislative committee, for investigating Bill Powers.  That committee began impeachment proceedings on Hall last week.