For the first time in five years the birth rate in the United States is up. The increase is slight, just 4,700 from 2012, but it does reverse a recent trend.

Rice University's Steve Murdock, who was once the Director of the US Census Bureau, told KTRH you could take this as a sign that people are feeling better financially.

"It is a product of a better economy and a rebound from what we had starting in 2007 and 2008,” Murdock said.

The birth rate also was up for women in their 30’s. Murdock says it could be that these women felt comfortable enough both financially and in their careers to start a family. But there might be another reason for that trend.

“They are likely in the last few years of financial child bearing and likely thinking if they are going to start a family they need to do it now,” Murdock explained.

Financial analyst Richard Rosso says it's not just about the economy now, but the impact it will have on the economy in the future.

“Having babies is great for the economy. Younger people consume as they get older,” Rosso explained. “Older people spend less money.”

But before anyone gets too excited over the increase in the birth rate, Murdock says he thinks we could easily be talking about a decline in the birth rate a year from now.