Texas lawmakers are running out of patience as the federal government continues to drag its feet over new rules for drug testing unemployment recipients.

“I'm disappointed the feds, specifically the Department of Labor and Obama administration, are politicizing the issue for their benefit,” says State Rep. Brandon Creighton.

The law scheduled to go into effect February 1.

“Texas businesses contribute to this fund, Texas taxpayers expect it to be used wisely, yet the Department of Labor has been very slow for implementation,” the Woodlands Republican tells KTRH News.

While Texas waits, states like Mississippi and Alabama have passed their own versions of the law.

Labor attorney Rick Levy argued against the law, and still says anyone fired for using drugs is not eligible for benefits anyway.

“To try to create this connection that somehow unemployed people in this economy are more likely to use drugs than anyone else is just false, and its offensive,” Levy says.

Levy calls the law an unnecessary hurdle for those who need the benefits.

“Unemployment is insurance, and just like if you lose your house, you expect the insurance company to pay and not create a bunch of artificial barriers for getting that money,” he says.