You would think that when we graduated from high school we’d also have graduated from treating those less-attractive among us with rudeness, unkindness, and bullying.  Apparently not.

Researchers from Notre Dame and Michigan State University took a stack of pictures and asked people to designate each person either “attractive” or “unattractive”.  Taking into account the personalities of the participants, they then asked the “unattractive” people how they perceived their co-workers attitude towards them.  It wasn’t nice.

“No matter what the personality variables are, a person who is deemed physically unattractive is more likely to be bullied in the workplace,” according to David DiSilva, who wrote an article about the study in Forbes magazine.

The researchers concluded that physical attractiveness is as much a factor in how one is perceived as personality.

“The same social rules that guide the junior high and high school experience seem to carry over into our offices,” DeSilva said.