Is transgender America's next civil rights frontier? That's the focus of Time Magazine’s latest cover story.

Even KTRH talk show host Rush Limbaugh took a call last week from a transgender who says just the word "tranny" is discriminatory.

“A lot of us do find that to be rather offensive, because of the way it's been historically used,” said caller Tina from Colorado.

“Oh, I didn't know that.  Tranny is offensive?” asked Limbaugh.

“Yeah. It's kind of an argument,” the caller responded.

“Right now I'm living in a weekly rate motel because nobody will rent me an apartment,” the caller claimed.  “Nobody will have me in a roommate situation.”

On the heels of passing Houston's expanded Equal Rights Ordinance, Mayor Annise Parker says its taken decades for the transgender issue to surface.

“I'm glad that Time has discovered the issue, this is not something that has been unaddressed in cities across the nation.” Mayor Parker told KTRH News.  “Houston to my knowledge, is the last major city in America to take up the issue.”

Like same-sex marriage nearly a year ago, Parker believes the Supreme Court will at some point have to weigh-in.

“If you track equal rights ordinances or non-discrimination ordinances across America you will find virtually all of them include both sexual orientation and gender identity, so I would assume that the nation would catch up,” said the mayor.