Some teens live to make their parents angry and the latest fad is doing just that -- eyeball licking. But the kids may not realize it's not only stupid, it's dangerous.

You might be better off sticking your head in a toilet than allowing someone to lick your eyeball.

"Human saliva is not something we'd recommend putting in your eye on an even inconsistent basis."

Michael Berry's eye doctor, Dr. Jeff Whitsett, says bacteria on the tongue can spread the Herpes Virus -- and worse.

"HIV transmission; bacterial transmission can certainly occur -- certainly not something I'd want in my eye."

It's the latest fad from Japan, featured on web sites and YouTube videos. Dr. Whitsett says it reminds him of all the work done to keep contacts wearers from licking the lens before they put it in their eyes. He says they eventually quit.

"Hopefully this will be something similar; that it's just a fad and it moves on before someone's really harmed."