Earlier this month the Texas Department of Criminal Justice spent three-quarters of a million dollars to install climate-control equipment in the barns where pigs are housed before slaughter.

Employees who work at state prisons and prison inmates have joined forces, drawn together by the offense of air-conditioning for swine.

Lance Lowry, Local President of the American Federation of State County Municipal Employees (AFSCME Texas Correctional Employees) out of Huntsville, told KTRH News, “The main problem is that we have a system that is grossly underfunded and it leads to abusive conditions not only for the offenders but for the employees as well.”

Lowry says the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that excessive heat can be unconstitutional.  He says correctional employees will be standing with the inmates in 14 heat-related wrongful death lawsuits filed in the state of Texas.

Scott Medlock, an attorney representing inmates in a lawsuit filed against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice over heat has said the state cares more about taking care of bacon than inmates.