Lawyers for a death row inmate from Jacinto City will ask a federal appeals court to rule 59-year-old Suzanne Basso mentally incompetent ahead of her scheduled execution Wednesday night in Huntsville.

Both a federal judge and Texas appeals court this week already refused to stop Basso's lethal injection for the torture killing of 59-year-old Louis “Buddy” Musso, a mentally ill New Jersey man she lured to her home 15 years ago.


“She feigned a romantic interest in him to get him to come to Texas, and he had Social Security benefits,” says Harris County Assistant District Attorney Lynn Hardaway.


Hardaway says Basso and her son forced Musso to sit on a mat inside their home, all while cashing the checks he received.


“He had to sit on this mat all the time, he was not allowed to get up,” Hardaway tells KTRH News.  “She would have, for instance her son would kick him with military boots.  So she was the ringleader.”


“Almost every rib in his body was broken, he had a skull fracture, lacerations on his head, black eyes, he had a broken nose, burn and whip marks,” she says.


If executed, Basso would become the 14th woman executed in the U.S., and fifth in Texas in modern times.