If you’ve ever complained about the drivers in Houston or Texas, others have noticed. Texas has been at the top of the list when it comes to surveys about states with bad drivers. But the latest report indicates we’re getting better.

The CarInsuranceComparison.com survey says Louisiana now has the worst drivers in the country. Jeff Crews is the VP for Car Insurance Comparison and explained that Texans shouldn't be that proud of their No. 4 ranking.

“It’s not that Texas has gotten better. Other states have gotten worse,” Crews said.

So how did Louisiana reach the top of the list?

“They are in the Top-5 for failure to obey, ticketing rate and careless driving,” crews told KTRH.

KTRH traffic reporter Darby Douglas says he understands why Texas gets the reputation it's got about its drivers.

“We have a lot of out of staters that don’t know the area very well. There driving habits will be different than ours,” Douglas explained. “It’s not Texas drivers that drive bad. It’s out of staters that are trying to learn the area.”

And traffic is another contributing factor.

“You get a lot of people in one place, you will have road rage. People can’t get anywhere. Have you seen how long it takes to get somewhere in Houston, lately?’ Douglas asked.

Chris Gordy of Sports Talk 790 is a native Louisianan. So is there any defending his honor? 

“You can’t defend it. People there drive like they are crazy. There are tons of accidents,” Gordy said.

South Carolina is second on the new rankings. Mississippi third. Alabama is fifth.

So, congratulations Louisiana. You own the title as the state with the worst drivers.