The pictures of kids crossing the Texas border illegally

They want to tackle the problem themselves.

Republican State Representative Jonathan Sickland told KTRH Governor Rick Perry needs to call a special session in Austin to deal with the problem.

“We’ve got major issues that are going on. This President has continually kicked the can down the road,” Sickland said.

Sickland added that you want something done about this as well.

“There has been a massive amount of pressure through emails, phone calls and social media,” Sickland explained.

Republicans like Steve Toth of the Woodlands feel a special session is the way to go as well.

“We will never get this legislation out during regular session. The only way to get it done is with a special session,” Toth told KTRH News. “There is a humanitarian crisis at the border that will bankrupt Texas if we don’t secure our borders.”

Toth wants more 'boots on the ground,' like there was with Operation Strong Safety in the Rio Grande Valley. But State Senator John Whitmire told KTRH a special session isn't necessary.

“It’s not something the state of Texas would want to accept responsibility for. Immigration unquestionable is a federal issue,” Whitmire stated. “The state of Texas has no business in immigration.”

We should know by the end of the week if the Governor will call lawmakers back to Austin.