KTRH Sports Director Matt Thomas says the Texans could use a win Sunday when the Arizona Cardinals come to town, but it’s likely too late to worry about making the playoffs.

“This is a six-game losing streak,” Thomas says.  “The entire city is down on the organization (and) the organization is down on themselves.  So, regardless of what had happened with Gary, this was going to be a game they absolutely needed to win because they think if they could beat the Cardinals, they could start a streak.”

Thomas says the absence of head coach Gary Kubiak will be felt, but there are plenty of talented coaches to lead the team in Reliant this weekend.

“I just think it will be different because it's Gary not being there,” he says.  “Wade knows what he's doing.  He's got a very talented coaching staff on the defensive side.  The offensive guys have a lot of experience.   But, there's just something about having that leader not being there that's going to make things a lot different for the guys on Sunday.”