Facebook remains the number one social media platform for teens, but they have developed profiles on several others and use Instagram, Pinterist, and Twitter to converse with their inner circle of friends.

Are teens leaving Facebook because their parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents are on it? 

Perhaps for a few, but social media expert Crystal Washington of Houston blames other forces.

“Younger people today are looking for social networks that aren’t as large.  They want more intimate interaction.  It’s not just because their parents are there, it’s because advertisers are there.  They’re looking for someplace like Tumblr or even Instagram where they can have a much smaller audience and really connect with their inner circle vs. being open to the world,” Washington tells KTRH News.

iStrategy, a digital company that monitors online traffic, reports that three million teens have left Facebook Advertising pages in the past three years.

Social networks are used by 73% of adult Americans, according to a recent Pew Internet and American Life Project.  71% of online adults use Facebook, and 42% also use other social networking sites.

“Social media has always been a place for cool kids,” Washington says.  “But as soon as everyone jumps on a bandwagon of a social network people start looking for something a little more unique.  And so as I see it social media is here to stay.”