Teen unemployment in Texas is at 21.7%, about the same level it was last year at this time. So you might be one of those families with a teenager that doesn’t have a job this summer. Experts say it is a big problem. And you, as parents, might be at fault.

“Parents, rather than taking a parental role, will shift into that friendship role and tell the kids they can have the summer off. Then those kids just play video games all summer,” therapist Mary Jo Rapini told KTRH.

Rapini says you might be letting your kid get away with it.

“Kids are not motivated. When you and I were kids we had to work if we wanted money. Now kids get an allowance for sitting,” Rapini said.

Financial strategist Clark Hodges agrees with Rapini and says adults are actually taking those jobs normally filled by kids at this time of year.

“That’s a big factor. Those jobs are going to people who are more motivated to find those jobs sooner rather than later,” Hodges told KTRH.

Hodges says businesses are finding teens today don't act the way they did years ago, and it's because they don't think they have to.

“You do keep score in life. You do have competition. Just to show up and get a trophy is doing a disservice to people,” Hodges said.

Rapini says if this is going on at your house, you should suggest your child do some sort of volunteer work this summer.