A challenge to the use of a lethal injection drug won’t stop tonight’s Texas execution.  The drug-maker says it wants the stuff back, but the state has refused, meaning tonight's execution of Michael Yowell is still on track.  Yowell had called the drugs being used a case of cruel and unusual punishment, but victims advocate Dudley Sharp questions that.

“People are saying all these horrible things about these sedatives,” Sharp points out, “and we don't hear these from the medical community when they use them to ease pain or to put people to sleep.”

Yowell is being executed for a triple murder in Lubbock in 1998.  His victims were his parents and a grandmother.

Sharp says manufacturers of the drugs used are now felling the pressure.

“A lot of pressure has been put on pharmaceutical companies to not allow their chemicals to be used in executions,” he explains, “so the states - not just Texas, but many other states, are having to look into compounding pharmacies and other sources to get their drugs.”