The U.S. Supreme Court has given Pro-Life supporters in Texas a key victory, but Pro-Choice supporters say the fight isn’t over yet.

The court was split, but in a 5-4 decision the court allowed Texas' new abortion restrictions to remain in effect while it's being challenged legally. John Seago of Texas Right to Life told KTRH it was the right call.

“This is what we expected, that the court would side with Texas,” Seago stated. “We think the bill is completely constitutional and will protect women from a predatory abortion industry.”

While Governor Rick Perry called the decision 'good news,' Planned Parenthood says they are disappointed and promise to keep fighting.

“While we are deeply disappointed, this isn’t over. We will take every step we can to protect the health of Texas women. This law is blocking women in Texas from getting a safe and legal medical procedure that has been their constitutionally-protected right for 40 years.  This is outrageous and unacceptable – and also demonstrates why we need stronger federal protections for women’s health.  Your rights and your ability to make your own medical decisions should not depend on your zip code,” Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards said in a statement

Seago said the decision sent a clear message to pro-life supporters.

“Pro-Life efforts are not futile. Even if taken all the way to the Supreme Court, there will be support there to protect the unborn children and pregnant women,” Seago told KTRH.

And Seago says Texas' new law is constitutional, and will be able to fight off any other legal challenges that come its way.