Researchers in North Texas say persistent drought has led to "super mosquitoes." Just ask this mom.


"They seem to be more aggressive. My neighbor and I joke they've mutated because nothing we've put on the babes seems to be working."

Researchers say the bugs are more likely to spread West Nile Virus.


Dr. Joon Lee leads the team at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.


"The number may be down or lower than other years; however the mosquitoes are more active and more stronger."


Dr. Lee says the skeeters are more aggressive so use a repellent with DEET to keep 'em away.


Brandon Bennett with the city of Fort Worth says the hope is that research will better predict where the bugs will be.


"So that we can get out ahead of this. Instead of waiting for a positive sample we want to get to a point where we can 'you're in a high probability area and you need to get on this right now.'"