You've seen everyone else -- after a long NFL kickoff weekend that started Thursday. Now it's time for Houston fans to see what their team looks like in games that count.

The Texans open the season in San Diego tonight with high expectations.

"Right now they've got to get over the hurdle of getting past the second round of the playoffs. So I think expectations are at least AFC Championship for them."

Sportstalk 790 host Lance Zierlein says Coach Gary Kubiak has got to avoid the stigma of being good only in the regular season.

"Texans can be 14-2 and if they go out in the second round of the playoffs again people are not gonna be happy. So they've got to get further than they have the last two years."

Future Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed is out tonight, but Zierlein doubts the Chargers will be able to exploit that.