NFL preseason games are usually a farce compared to the regular season. But if there's one game that comes close -- at least for the first half -- it's game three. That's this Sunday at 3pm with the Saints at Reliant Stadium.

Sportstalk 790's Lance Zierlein says if you've been avoiding the exhibition boredom to this point, this is the one game worth watching.

"The starters get the most reps they're gonna get; they game plan for the game and defensively you expect them to start blitzing a little bit; offensively they work some things into the game plan that they haven't done previously."

Zierlein says questions remain in the trenches. The offensive line has got to establish a running game, even without Arian Foster.

"It's not a real good defense for the New Orleans Saints so the Texans need to have some success running the ball this week. I think defensively another thing to keep your eye on is whether the pass rush continues. They've looked good rushing the passer across the board, from the first unit to the third unit.”

The d-line needs to continue a fierce pass rush -- even without the suspended Antonio Smith.