Many people talk the talk, but do not walk the walk on curbing their energy use. 

A study out of the UK found many young people who are most vocal about global warming, are really the biggest energy consumers.  Critics argue the same could be said for Al Gore and other green advocates.

“Tom Steyer, he made a lot of money off coal investments around the world, now he's using that money to attack the very things he made money off of,” says Chris Warren at the Institute for Energy Research.

Warren says what Gore and Steyer fail to understand is that much of the world simply cannot afford to convert to costly wind or solar energy.

“Is someone like Al Gore or Tom Steyer willing to tell those people they can't have coal-fired power plants because it bothers them?” asks Warren.  “I think that's a terrible policy to have.”

Meanwhile, experts from Loughborough University and Cambridge Architectural Research found those who use less energy tend to be older, with multiple people in their home.  They also tend not to believe in “global warming.”

“They have to worry about paying their energy bills and putting food on the table more so than some of the younger folks do, and its probably why they're using less energy as well,” says Warren.

Critics say the hypocrisy lies with anyone who uses a smartphone, notebook or watches television for hours on end.