Eggs made from plants are hitting some west coast supermarkets this week.  The product called Beyond Eggs is being sold in Whole Foods supermarkets in California, but could be in Houston soon. 

They can be used to replace eggs in products from cakes to mayonnaise, taking animals out of the process.  That's a good thing, says the executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Dr. Michael Jacobson.  He says eggs have a couple of problems.

“They contain a lot of cholesterol – which can make you fat,” says Jacobson, “and, most eggs are grown under totally inhumane conditions, with hens crammed into these little cages.”

Sellers say the product is nutrition and tastes just like real eggs, but Houston-based certified dietician Molly Gee says the market will decide that.

“I think we have to ask why (we need fake eggs from plants), she says, “and whether or not it’s going to pass the taste test.”

Plants used to create the product include chickpeas.  Gee says eggs are a great source of protein and play a major role in the taste and texture of many of our food.