New clothes, new shoes, new backpack, new pencils, fresh haircut – it’s the start of the school year for many kids in Houston proper.  It’s also a new start for the teachers.

“We start off with a lot of brand new teachers, and you can hear the critical mass in a school when you have so any new teachers and they have no one to turn to for help,” Gayle Fallon tells KTRH News.  She’s the President of the Houston Federation of Teachers.

HISD has adopted a new salary structure that assures each teacher in the system get a raise of $1,100.  The new contract moves away from higher salaries for teachers who have earned advanced degrees.

“The STAAR test is still there.  It was new a couple years ago,” says Clay Robison with the Texas State Teachers Association.  “There’s s till too much testing in the classroom to take away from teacher’s time for real teaching and student’s time for real learning.”

The starting salary for a first time teacher with no experience is $49,100, which is still below what most new teachers in suburban ISD’s are paid.  The maximum salary that can be earned is $83, 947.

Fallon says there is a learning curve for new teachers when it comes to technology.  “Don’t lose your temper in class.  You shouldn’t anyway, but now if you do it you may end up on You Tube.”