If you were a kid in the 1950s or 60s you probably thought you'd have a flying car by now. Well, your flying car is finally here -- almost -- for about $300,000.


It's a holy grail of technology -- the flying car.


"Flying cars have been something that's been on our collective consciences for almost a century now."


Anna Dietrich is co-founder of the company that makes the Terrafugia. She says they need to raise $30-million to make it for sale by 2016. Her husband Carl says it's been a big success at car shows.


"We wanted to find out if this idea would be as exciting as we think it has the potential to be for people who are not pilots."


Carl Dietrich says there are a lot people with the money and the interest to make the flying car a go.


"We came away with 250 qualified leads; people who could afford to buy this vehicle. So that's very exciting and it's showing the potential of this concept to get people more excited; building the industry from the ground up."


The Dietrichs say you need 20 hours of pilot training to operate the flying car. But they say their customers aren't necessarily looking to avoid traffic during the morning commute; they're mostly retired and looking for adventure.