If you’re looking for information about something, you can use Google. Many of you even go to YouTube to find out how to do things. Apparently, some Houston kids have a ‘How To’ video to show how you can get a school teacher fired.

“We’ll go to the principal and said she was harassing us,” one child said. We kept doing it and saying the same thing.”

The end result was that their teacher was no longer there. And Gayle Fallon of the Houston Federation of teachers told KTRH the problem is everyone believes the kids.

“Everyone assumes they are guilty. Why would a child lie? Those videos show that to the, it’s a game. They don’t understand they are ruining someone’s life,” Fallon explained.

Fallon says the accusation sticks with the teacher for a long time.

“It ruins the life of the teacher. They are at the top of the news, and their picture is all over the place,” Fallon stated.

And she says the video featuring the first graders isn't the only one out there. She calls it an epidemic.

“If you go on YouTube there are a bunch of them like that. There’s one that instructs kids how to accuse a teacher of sexual abuse,” Fallon said.

Fallon is glad this is finally starting to come out.

“Maybe it will stop the attitude that we’ve gotten from the school district of ‘Why would a child lie?’ There are any number of reasons, and they do it,” Fallon stated.

Fallon tells KTRH it's not hard to prove that the accusations are wrong, but it's expensive and it leads many of the accused teachers to give up teaching altogether.