Some gadget users claim their gadgets are giving them "digital motion sickness." Apple's iOS7 on the iPhone and Google Glass are among the alleged culprits. But is this really the "21st century's biggest occupational disease?"

Tech guru Peter Shankman says he can see how some workers might be affected, but the threat sounds overblown.

"Years ago they were worried about the biggest occupational threat being Carpel Tunnel and I don't think we're really losing that much revenue as a country from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome."

Shankman says even if there is truth to the claim it's not likely to take down your office.

"The concept of it happening just from reading email -- that might be a bit too much."

Shankman says the biggest occupational threat is the fact most of us sit in front of a computer too much. He says we should get up and walk around more.

"There are companies out there that make treadmill desks. I have invested in those for every one of my employees. They let you walk as you're working. We are a very sedentary nation and it's not just offices we're a sedentary nation as a whole; the more we can get walking and moving around the better off we'll be."