A new survey taken in mid-Manhattan, New York finds some salespeople intentionally (read as: arrogantly) look down their noses at customers to intimidate them into buying more than they had planned.

KTRH News wanted to know, does that ploy work here?

Christina Stith is head of marketing and public relations at Tenenbaum & Co, a high-end jeweler on tony Post Oak Blvd. near the Galleria.  “Something I love about Tenenbaum & Co. is that we catch people off guard with how welcoming we are,” she tells KTRH News.

Her boss, CEO and Partner Tony Bradfield, says this ain’t New York. 

“Our experience, especially being in Texas, and more so in Houston, is that that type of salesperson is a turnoff to our clientele,” says Bradfield.

He recounts the story of a shopping trip he had made as a younger man, with money in his pocket and a specific blazer in his mind.  He went to a high end retailer and was told by a cold, snobby salesman that they didn’t carry that item.  They did, and Bradfield pointed that out.  “I don’t think we have your size,” the salesman said.  Bradfield looked in the rack and found the blazer he wanted in his size was the second one.

He walked away.  Empty handed.  Never went back.  And doesn’t hire those type of people at his store.