A new smartphone app asks its users to identify the homes and businesses of what they call ‘suspected’ unsafe gun owners. The app is called ‘Geo Gun Marker,’ and former Houston police officer Mike Knox told KTRH this is dangerous.

“There’s no restriction about putting a name or address on there. That means someone can do it out of anger or a practical joke. It may cause a great deal of tension in the neighborhood,” Knox explained.

Knox also said it could put you in danger if you are a gun owner.

“You run the risk of identifying a gun owner,” Knox told KTRH. “Then their house is targeted for stealing weapons. It’s nobody’s business whether you own a gun or not.”

Gun Talk Radio Host Tom Gresham told KTRH this app is nothing more than profiling.

“This kind of bigotry is allowed and encouraged when it’s gun owners that are doing nothing more than exercising their rights? There’s something screwed up about this,” Gresham stated. 

Gresham thinks this app has been invented for political reasons.

“This is somewhat of a reaction to the frustration that the gun banners have that their efforts keep falling on deaf ears,” Gresham said.

The app was released to the public less than a week ago. It is only available on the Android platform.