Two major smart phone makers have followed Apple's lead and announce they will offer the anti-theft technology commonly called a killswitch.

Google says their next generation of the Android will offer the killswitch and Microsoft's Windows Phone which runs on all Nokia devices will also offer the killswitch.  Combined with Apple, the killswitch will be available on over 97% of the smart phones sold in the U.S.

The voluntary move by the smart phone makers comes after they strongly opposed legislation that would have required them to install the killswitch on their phones by next year.

The High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says phone makers were worried the killswitch could be abused, "The smart phone industry has opposed a measure like this for months.  Claiming that hackers could exploit the killswitch to turn off phones.  They lobbied against legislation that would have required these anti-theft features."

The killswitch essentially makes your phone unusable if it gets stolen, it prevents the thieves from turning off the "find your phone" feature as well as protecting the personal data stored in them.

Currently, only Apple offers the killswitch but the next version of the Android OS will have it as well as the Windows OS.