The Atlantic hurricane season officially ends Saturday, and has delivered the fewest hurricanes since 1982. 

There were 13 named storms this season, but only two - Ingrid and Humberto - became hurricanes. Neither was considered a "major" storm.

Just because it was quiet along the Texas coast, doesn't mean the entire season was a dud.

“If you were along the eastern or western coast of Mexico, you had a very busy year, because there were quite a few tropical storms and hurricane making landfall,” says Jason Luze at Houston's Weather Research Center.

However, Luze says the number of storms in one particular area isn't that important, because it only takes one to mess up everything.

“What's really important is are you going to be struck by a hurricane?” he says.  “So the emphasis is on hurricane preparedness.”

Still, 2013 will rank as the sixth-least active year since 1950.