Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee wants Washington to stop the filibuster, and end gun violence in America.

Lee was to hold a press conference Tuesday afternoon, but her office postponed it.

The Houston Democrat continues to push HR 65 that would, among other things, raise the age requirement for all handguns and semi-automatic weapons to 21. 

Mike Clark at Houston's Collectors Firearms says the legislation is vague at best.

"From the pistols, it’s already the law," Clark tells KTRH News.  "But why do it on the long guns?  There are a lot of semi-automatic rifles that are hunting rifles, so just because it is semi-automatic, that doesn't make it an assault rifle."

Jackson's “Child Gun Safety and Gun Access Prevention Act” also would levy fines and/or jail time for parents whose unsecured guns are used in a violent crime. 

The last section however, recommends school firearms safety programs for all K-12 students.

"You know, its Sheila Jackson Lee, so what can you say?" asks Clark.  "As far as clear thinking goes, I don't think she's ever been known for that.  You're going to have to just squint your eyes and say 'what?'"