Texans fans are split. Should the team use the first overall pick in May's NFL Draft to take Aggie Quarterback Johnny Manziel? Our veteran NFL experts are split on Johnny Football's skill set.

Packers hall of famer Greg Koch isn't convinced Manziel will be a star in the pro game.

"To me what gets a fan base excited is winning and so you take the best player available. I'm not sure Johnny Football is my number one selection."

Former Texan N.D. Kalu says he's a Johnny Football fan but he suspects the new head coach will want a traditional pocket passer.

"When you listen to Bill O'Brien during his press conference when he talks about what he likes in a quarterback; it didn't seem to be the characteristics that Johnny Manziel has."

Koch says Coach O'Brien is used to working with one of the greatest quarterbacks.

"Four or five years with Tom Brady; Tom Brady's not the scrambling type of quarterback. He sits in the pocket and throws the ball downfield."

Coach O'Brien worked with Brady in New England from 2007-2011. Both Koch and Kalu expect the Texans to trade the first overall pick.