Local activist Quanell X demands an apology from Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia following the release of one of the men originally charged in Saturday's deadly house party shooting in Cypress.

“Every time there is a high-profile shooting in Houston, it goes national, and the suspects or perpetrators may be young African-American men,” Quanell told reporters Tuesday.  “No we're seeing that young African-American men are being arrested and charged with crimes in a rush to judgment to satisfy public appetite.”

The sheriff responded to X’s accusations with a written statement:

"We had multiple witnesses who identified (Young) and we follow up on every bit of information we believe is critical… We’re proceeding on with the investigation, we didn’t stop just because we had what turned out to be non –credible information, the system continues to work, we continue to find the truth," the statement said.

Quanell stood by 21-year-old Willie Young had just hours earlier appeared before a judge, but was later released after prosecutors said they believe the shooters are still out there.

“We believe there are possibly two or more additional shooters that are out there.  We believe there are firearms that were taken from the scene.  We believe there are multiple witnesses that have yet to come forward.  We believe this could very likely have been a gang-related incident,” said Assistant DA Katherine McDaniel.

Two students at Katy ISD's Morton Ranch High School were killed and dozens of others were hurt when someone opened fire at a birthday party Saturday night.

Quanell X also claims deputies never even interviewed the victims' families.

“What kind of leader are you when these parents' children have been killed and no one from your department will go and speak to them and tell them here's an update to what's going on?” he asked.  “That just goes to show when you're poor and a minority, nobody cares about you in big places of leadership. That's what Garcia is showing the public right now.”

Garcia has said just like the release of a suspect in the Lone Star College shooting earlier this year, police acted in the public's safety, then corrected their mistake.