Security officials say expansion of the Panama Canal will make the Houston Ship Channel even busier.  Robin Riley is the chairman of the Houston Ship Channel Security District .  He says the busy channel will get even busier, “To just handle the increased volume of shipping that will come from the expansion of the Panama Canal and the expansion of the Port of Houston to accommodate the expansion of the Panama Canal.”

Riley says cooperation between agencies plays a  major role in keeping the channel safe.

“We work with Harris County and the Coast Guard and the city of Houston and Customs and the FBI -- and many, many other entities,” he explains.

Ports all over the world are aware of the successes here.

“We are truly the envy of every other port around,” Riley says, “and they are looking at us and asking how do we do it so that they can emulate it.”

Representatives of dozens of agencies attended yesterday’s annual security meeting in south Houston.