The parents of the victims in last December’s mass shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut are reacting to the release of the 911 tapes on Wednesday.

Nicole Hockley lost her son Dylan in the shooting and told KTRH that releasing the tapes made no sense to her at all

“I can see no real reason for the 911 tapes to have ever been released, but that decision has been made and I have to abide by it,” Hockley told KTRH News. “My focus now is ensuring that my family is protected from ever having to hear it.”

Hockley doesn’t understand why people want to hear the tapes in the first place.

“It serves no public interest. The lessons that could have been learned have already been learned. We know there were so many heroes out there,” Hockley said.

Many media outlets made the decision not to air the tapes, and Hockley is grateful for that.

“I was truly overwhelmed with the media that didn’t air the 911 tapes. That compassion and sensitivity, that respect is something I am so grateful for,” Hockley explained.

KTRH was one of the media outlets that made the decision not to run the tapes on the air. However, we do have them online.