Last week we told you there were border agents working at detention centers picking up infectious diseases from illegal immigrants being held there. Some have suggested that simple protocols were not being followed. Now it looks like simple rules set forth by the CDC are being bent.

If you're trying to get into the country legally, you have to pay for, and take, medical exams to prove you're not a threat. But Dr. Elizabeth Vilet, a past director of the Association for American Physicians and Surgeons, says illegals haven't had to follow the same strict CDC rules.

“The rules are the vaccines have to be completed and documented prior to arriving at the border for entry into the United States, Vilet told KTRH News. “There is a long list of vaccines that is required.”

Because Vilet says the rules seem to be different for illegal immigrants, some border patrol agents have gotten sick with TB, chicken pox and other infectious diseases. And according to reports, some of the illegals being released around the country are gang members who have - in some cases - committed murders. Katrina Pierson of the Tea Party Leadership Fund says that could be putting you at risk.

“We don’t know who they are, what they are doing and what they have done,” Pierson said. “We’re just going to have to wait until something happens before something is done? That’s unacceptable.”

Pierson says she's concerned because there's been no transparency about who is being released into the country.