When CNN announced their intentions of presenting a documentary about Hillary Clinton to a theatrical and television audience, and NBC announced plans to broadcast a four-part mini-series about Hillary starring actress Diane Lane, the Republican National Committee was not happy.

“The RNC passed a binding resolution not to allow CNN or NBC to carry any of the 2016 primary debates,” committee spokesman Jason Chung told KTRH News.  “The reason was because of the two networks’ decisions to produce and air pro-Hillary Clinton products.

“Grass roots Republicans are very supportive of our efforts to do this because they know if we have guys like Chris Matthews or Candy Crowly host or moderate the debates it’s not going to be fair to our candidates,” Chung said.

NBC blinked first.

NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt said the mini-series project was in early development and not likely to get to production.  Shortly after that announcement, negotiations with Fox Television Studios, who were producing the project, fell apart.

CNN remains defiant, saying they are still in the early staged of production but are committed to a non-partisan, informative documentary to be broadcast in 2014.