You can eat that turkey with the family, maybe catch a parade or a football game, but then it’s time to head out to your favorite big box store.  Retail outlets are opening even earlier on Thanksgiving Day this fall, with one breaking a 155-year tradition.

It's called “Christmas creep.”  First, people started their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Senior Editor Trae Bodge says a survey last year showed people started in October.

“And then,” Bodge says, “this year we found that almost 40 percent started shopping in September, so it doesn't surprise me that Macy's is opening their stores on Thanksgiving Day.”

Macy's is the latest store to announce it is going to open for business at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, ending a tradition dating back to the 1850s.

Will we ever be shopping on Christmas Day?  Probably not.

“I would be very surprised, actually, to see stores opening on Christmas Day,” she says.  “I think it really is this Black Friday phenomenon, bleeding into Thanksgiving, and, of course, bleeding over the weekend and into Cyber Monday.”