Coming to a restaurant near you -- a surcharge to help pay their costs for Obamacare.

Restaurants in Florida and California have been adding a surcharge to customers bills clearly marked "ACA" for the Affordable Care Act.


Not everyone agrees with it.


“If you're going to put Obamacare and break that down on the receipt, you might as well put other stuff and break it down on the receipt, like certain taxes,” says Ricky Craig, owner of Houston's Hubcap Grill. 


“I think that's way for the restaurants to say hey I'm angry and I don't agree with this,” he tells KTRH News.


“I don't think people should put 'Obamacare fee' 25 cents on the bill,” says Craig.  “Some people are sensitive, some people will agree with it and some people won't."


However, Craig admits customers will pay either way.


“Somebody has to pay for it, bottom line,” he says.  “I think instead of seeing a $5 burger on the menu, you're going to start seeing a $6 burger or $7.”


So how are customers reacting to the fee?  So far, most are just paying it.