With the mid-term elections coming up in November, there are some predicting Republicans could wind up with control of the Senate. But it all depends on the message they send during the campaign.

Michael Dimock of the Pew Research Center told congressional aides that the message should not concentrate on big government.

“This is a generation that is not cynical about government. They think government can solve problems. They really do,” Dimock said recently.

So what should their message be from now until Election Day?

“Try to take as much of the anti-government rhetoric out of it,” Dimock stated. “It’s got to be about other ways of solving problems.”

Dimock says the anti-government message doesn’t hit home with a generation of voters that is 41% non-white and growing. Consultant Chris Begala agrees.

“The data isn’t startling. Republicans better take a look at this,” Begala told KTRH. “You need to give this generation hope and not bog down on so much anti-government rhetoric.”

Now, some of you might be concerned with the changing demographics a Republican will never win the White House again. But Begala says you shouldn't be.

“Republicans can win the White House again, but they have to get a positive message out there. It’s up to the candidate to present a forward thinking, forward moving message,” Begala explained.

He says that message will hit home with younger voters.