The Texas House finally approves political maps despite objections by Democrats who still claim discrimination.

House members approved minor tweaks to their own districts, but passed interim electoral maps for the state Senate and U.S. Congress unchanged.

The maps now go to conference committee where it is expected to pass quickly. 

However, Austin insiders like Harvey Kronberg of the Quorum Report say redistricting alone has delayed nearly everything else getting done during the special session as Monday's deadline draws near.

“The big surprise in the whole deal is how off-base Attorney General Greg Abbott was in terms of how quickly they could rubber stamp the court's maps, that pushed everything else back,” Kronberg tells KTRH News.

“General Abbott, for whatever reason, waited 60 days to start the process in 2011, and bears pretty much full responsibility for the late term,” he says.

Across the aisle, political strategist Bill Miller agrees.

“I think people were disappointed and surprised they were back in special session and talking about a redistricting plan,” Miller tells KTRH News.  “So it was one a surprise, and two it was an issue that doesn't bring out the best behavior.”

KTRH News reached out to the Attorney General's office seeking comment, but did not hear back.

Other measures, including those dealing with abortion and transportation funds also must be approved by Monday, or Miller says the month-long special session would have been for nothing.

“It just seems like a wasted effort at this point, with no good produced from it,” he says.

Neither believes the special session will be extended, regardless of what measure may still be undecided.