President Barack Obama will be in Texas today. He will be greeted by Governor Rick Perry and will then talk to an Austin business and students at a local high school. Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill thinks the President will find the trip educational.

“Hopefully he’ll learn a lesson from Texans. He’ll learn how to grow an economy. Texas had had a very good economy while the rest of the nation has been struggling,” Woodfill said.

The numbers show that Texas' economy has been one of the nation's success stories. Political science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus of the University of Houston thinks the President might try to take credit for that success.

“There will be a rhetorical battle about who is to be commended for the improvement in the economy in Texas,” Rottinghaus said.

But Woodfill says the President shouldn’t be patting himself on the back.

“If anyone looks beyond the surface, they’ll see that Republican policies in Texas that have been implemented are 180 degrees different than what the President has forced upon us on the national level,” Woodfill explained.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer said the President will not just be focusing on what’s been working.

“He will also talk about the need to invest in our public schools, which Governor Perry has not made as strong of an investment in,” Hailer told KTRH.

The visit comes weeks after a bill to strengthen gun laws was not approved by Congress. U Rottinghaus says that is calculated.

“I think the President wants to focus on some wins and I think he wants to focus on things that are higher priority for the American people,” Rottinghaus stated.