Poor roads across Texas may be costing you more than you know.

Transportation research firm TRIP released a new report, that says poor roads cost drivers $25 billion a year in Texas.  The cost comes from additional car repairs due to rough roads, traffic crashes, and congestion-related delays.

Rocky Moretti with TRIP says Houston drivers are paying more than most, "The total cost annually to the average Houston driver is $1,850.  In the cost of driving on rough roads that are beating up their vehicles."

So not only are Texans paying taxes for roads, they are also paying for their deficiency.  Moretti says in the Houston area half of the roads are either in moderate or poor condition, "You have a large section, around a third of the regions roads still in a level of disrepair that the improvements could be done relatively cost effective."

The situation could be getting worse, as over $3 billion in federal funding is on the line if the Senate doesn't pass a temporary measure that would keep the Federal Highway Trust Fund solvent, starting with the new fiscal year on October 1st.