We are still five months away from the midterm elections, but a new poll shows Democrats should be very worried about what could happen on November 4th.

The latest poll from Fox News shows that 43 percent of you would vote Republican on Election Day, as opposed to 39 percent Democrat. University of Houston political science professor Brandon Rottinghaus says it looks like you'd be voting with your paychecks.

“The state of the economy will be a good indicator for how the incumbent party will fare. If the economy is doing well, the incumbents will do well. If the economy is faring poorly the opposition will do much better,” Rottinghaus explained. “You’ve got an economy that is still pretty languid. In these instances the public has rejected incumbents like the Democrats.”

And the economy's recovery from the recession in 2008 has not gone as well as the White House would have hoped. But, as Rottinghaus says, as far as the election season is concerned, it's still early.

“There’s still a lot of ground between now and the election. These polls are only a snapshot of what is happening at the moment. You can’t read too much into it. This is just where the public is right now,” Rottinghaus said.

Polling at a similar point four years ago basically showed the same thing, but the President was able to defeat his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.