If you believe the latest polls, may Texans want marijuana legalized. Analysts don’t believe lawmakers will move towards legalization in the next legislative session, but supporters say it’s a goal they will now work towards.

According to Public Policy Polling 58% of Texans support legalization. Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project told KTRH this poll is one you should believe.

“Public Policy Polling has demonstrated the most accuracy on the marijuana issue over the last number of years,” Tvert said.

But the poll only contacted 860 Texas voters in a state with more than 25 million people. Tvert says that doesn’t matter.

“It’s a valid sample size. These polls are done consistently. The margin of error is there,” Tvert stated.

Tvert maintains the new poll shows a giant shift in how Texans think about marijuana.

“Up until this point a lot of people viewed Texas as being a lost cause on marijuana policy,” Tvert explained.

And Tvert says the new poll will have the Marijuana Policy Project mobilizing in Texas.

“We will focus our time and efforts to educate lawmakers and the public about the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. We hope legislators take that into consideration,” Tvert said.

But analyst Bill Miller says you shouldn't take that to mean legalization will actually happen.

“There’s zero chance of that happening. Not in this environment,” Miller told KTRH.

Miller said an attempt will be made in the next legislative session, but it will fall well short of its goal.

“It’ll be brought up and debated. It’ll be referred to a committee. There will be a hearing. And that will be the end of it,” Miller explained.