According to a new set of numbers you aren’t happy with how things are being done in Washington, DC. But while Washington should be worried about this, analysts aren’t sure you’re going to do anything about it.

The New NBC poll says President Obama's approval rating is at a new low at 40%. Sixty percent of you don’t like the way the economy is and 70% think the country is headed in the wrong direction. KTRH political analyst Chris Begala says it's all about your bottom line.

“People aren’t as well off as they were nine years ago. There’s no doubt about that,” Begala said. “There are a lot of people out of work. It’s more expensive to live and people are feeling the pinch.”

But even though you have a chance to do something to change that in November only 57% of you said you’d be willing to carry a protest sign for a day, and Begala says you aren't likely to change things on Election Day.

“People aren’t excited. They’re not going to run to the polls. We’re looking at a low turnout in November. I’d guesstimate it to be in the high 30’s,” Begala explained. “We celebrate when we get over 50% of the country voting.”

And that's even though 80% of you are down on our political system, and only 14% of you are giving a 'thumbs up' to the way Congress is doing its job.