Even though the protests in Ferguson, Missouri have quieted down, questions about police tactics are still being asked. A new poll doesn’t paint a pretty picture for our men and women in blue.

The USA Today/Pew Research Center poll says that by 2-to-1, you don't think the police do a good job in holding cops accountable for misconduct and treating racial groups equally. Ray Hunt of the Houston Police Officers Union says he's not sure the poll is accurate.

“They’re not looking at individual departments. In Houston, every single complaint is investigated,” Hunt explained.

Community activist Quannel X thinks this is a reality check for police.

“I think many police officers forget sometimes that they are servants of the people, and that the people are not servants of them,” he stated.

Hunt thinks the media’s coverage of the Michael brown shooting painted an unfair picture in many people’s minds.

“Most people who watched the national coverage are convinced that man’s hands were up in the air. We don’t have an investigation that shows that yet,” Hunt explained.

But Quannel X says the media coverage showed people things they never saw before in the United States.

“Who thought those type of weapons and vehicles would be brought out and used against their own citizens?” he asked.

Hunt says HPD does what it can to make you feel engaged.

“We’ve done everything we can to get out into the minority communities. Our chief has done an outstanding job of being engaged in the community,” Hunt explained.

But he also says if this is what the public thinks, they still have a job to do.

“We have to prove to them that we do treat folks equally,” Hunt said.