A Harris County Sheriff's Deputy is undergoing a series of rabies shots after being attacked by a group of pit bulls.  Officers were responding to a call in north Harris County that the dogs got out of their yard and attacked a neighbor.

"They yanked him on the leg, they bit him up to the bone... and we were trying to save him.  We were yelling and screaming."

Residents tell our t-v partner local-2 something like this was bound to happen... because the dogs had broken loose before.

"One time I was out here and the dog was running and I tried to run him off.  And he came into my yard like he was going to attack me... The (dogs' owner) he's a human being; he ought to take care of the dogs a little bit better.  If he's going to keep those kinds of dogs he needs to take better care of them.

One of the animals was shot and killed and at least one other is in quarantine.  The 50-year old neighbor who was attacked will reportedly need extensive rehabilitation. 

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Video courtesy of KTRH television partner KPRC Local 2